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  • You might have heard about Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin from the wrong sources.
  • Maybe from Crypto currency naysayers Or you know someone or a loved one who has lost all his or her retirement benefits investing in double-money platforms that claimed to help people earn a lot of bitcoin or Ethereum within a time frame only to disappear through thin air.
  • It might be possible that you are fascinated by the technology but you don't know how to go about it.
  • Bitcoin is a digital currency or a store of value.
  • Manoka Island would help you through her recommendations to build your Crypto assets without trusting your funds to a third party.
  • Join our growing community and watch your assets grow exponentially.

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Here at Manoka Island, we strive to serve you with up-to-date relevant data for your successful crypto journey. We believe that all your questions and concerns are valid and need answers. Our Frequently Asked Questions offer extensive answers you'll need.
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Manoka is a cryptocurrency recommendations platform designed to give everyday people alert opportunities to jump into the crypto space without fear. We find low-cap crypto projects with the potential to generate income for our subscribers.
Manoka publishes new picks every month for subscribers and offers financial education.
Manoka is located in Douala, Cameroon.
  • One, by subscribing to Manoka service.
  • Two, by getting the right training and guidance from Manoka when signed up.
  • Three, by having an account in a reliable exchange.
By signing up and following recommendations that would enable you earn passive income in the long term.
Yes, it is. Manoka service is the cheapest in the world, yet among the best.
No, Manoka is not a financial institution
No. it is prohibited by all Security Exchange Commissions.
The only purpose of Manoka is to alert you to opportunities in Crypto that you may not be aware of.
You should always speak to your account manager before acting on any recommendation that you are alerted of.
Never invest what would severely alter your present lifestyle.
Because the founder and CEO of Manoka is an expert in Crypto currency recommendations with 6 years track record in the Crypto space, whose recommendations have helped thousands of people.


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Our Management Team

Meet Our Team Members

Mit Phoenix

Founder/Chief Researcher

Tina Ekeji

CEO, International Rep.

Abdoulaye Njoya

Director, Design

Lucy Wangari Githaiga

CEO, Manoka Africa Charities

Mme Ghembu née Ngo Binyegui Agnes

Director, Training (French)

Zolo Nga Gervais

Director, Marketing (French)

Rachel Bukola Oladimeji

Director, Training (English)

Dayo Olakitan Adesulu

Director, Media/Publicity (English)

Manoka Africa Charities

The Manoka Africa Charities is the brainchild of Jeremeeh Kousse.

Through Manoka Africa Charities he wants to save lives, fight deforestation, provide clean water to the communities, prevent suffering, promote African arts and culture and help build a flourishing and sustainable future for Africa and Africans.

Therefore MAC is a philanthropic Dream come through.

Funded principally by Jeremeeh Kousse and all Manoka Island Trade subscribers.

Manoka Africa Charities is a non-profit organisation, through Manoka Island Trade which is a crypto recommendations platform.

Our programs:

  1. Tree Planting
  2. Boreholes
  3. Free medical check-ups and free surgeries
  4. Free Education for All
  5. Operation Clean Water
  6. Feeding Programs in schools
  7. Clean our Cities Initiative
  8. Less Privileged empowerment Program( Single families, orphans, Widows and widowers)

Lucy Wangari Githaiga
CEO, Manoka Africa Charities.


Manoka aspires to be Africa's best crypto recommendations platform.


Continuous Learning and humility.


If you can not help someone, don't hurt someone.


If you tell your friends and family members about Manoka and they subscribe, Manoka would pay you from 7.25 USDT to 147.00 USDT out of their subscription fee depending on the package they subscribe...


Manoka believes that wealth redistribution is the foundation of peace, and prosperity, and by creating an inclusive economy, we are reducing suffering in the world. Manoka mission is to help everyone, anywhere in Africa to be more economically Free.



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